MKMMA Week 1

What an amazing week it’s been.  So many new habits to learn and implement. 

One thing I’ve already realised is that I feel so much more present.  I’m noticing things I hadn’t before. Like in the compound where I live here in Bali, I only just realised that there is well in the garden that the family still use to get their water.  I go past it 3/4 times a day but until this week I didn’t even see it!  I feel so much more present with my children too, which is amazing and something my heart sooooo desires.  Slowing down and getting present to all this lifework is good for my soul.

At the beginning I was pretty overwhelmed by all the requirements and readings… but now I understand what Mark meant about realising you have all this time when you put the big rocks in first.  This morning I had done a lot of my readings and tasks before it was even 7:30am – that felt amazing!   Imagine what else I can accomplish with a start to the day like that.

Yes, enrolling in the MKMMA was such a great decision and exactly what I need in my life right now to help stretch to the next level of living an authentic life and following my bliss.

Over and out.

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Worldshooling Mumma of 3; Professional Network Marketer; Lover of Life and all its Magic;

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